A joyful duality of women, at Wall Space Gallery

Her Stories included in Peter Simpson’s Big Beat

     IMG_4625  The Gaze (48 by 36 inches, oil on canvas), by Mahshid Farhoudi, in Her Stories at Fritzi Gallery.  IMG_4650

The vernissage is 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 12. Her Stories continues to May 30. 1233 Wellington West, in the GCTC building.


Ottawa Citizen

If, after seeing the exhibition to mark International Women’s Day at Wall Space Gallery, I must make a conclusion about what women artists are, then it will be this: women artists are a duality.

A duality appears throughout the exhibition of art by four women, sometimes explicitly, as in Erin Vincent’s axes-cum-pincushions, and sometimes subtlety, as in Kelly Grace’s mixed-media portraits. The duality is expressed in choice of form, in Lori Victor’s diptychs, and in choice of materials, in Sharon Kelly’s contrast of subject and media.

Lori Victor’s abstracts are inspired by Xu Bing’s Phoenix, a mammoth sculpture of the firebird made from discarded building materials, which Victor saw in 2012. The direct inspiration is obscure, as Victor is creating abstractions on canvas, but an Asian influence is readily apparent in her works, in the flight of warm colours and breezy shapes that flow across the surface. The works make me think less of…

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